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We want to get to know you – what’s driving your business, what your goals are and what’s been holding you back.

About Us

Our founder, Helen Bellwood, set out to create a friendly ‘in your pocket’ accountancy service that embraces the differences in the way people think, always taking the individual into account.


We know that…

…Some clients want to be self-sufficient – and that’s totally fine. We can help you set up systems, processes and training programmes, so you can hit the ground running.

…Some clients are terrified by anything financial and want someone who ‘has their back’. We’ve got you, no problem. We can function like your own in-house accountancy service. We’ll only need minimal input from you, to keep things running smoothly.

…Others have in-house finance staff but no senior finance capability. Let us bridge the gap for you, bringing with us years of experience in senior finance roles in a variety of organisations and industries.

…Large corporates with finance departments running at full capacity may need a fresh pair of eyes to add another layer of scrutiny. This is something we’ve done for clients for years.

Whatever you need, we can help. We won’t talk about ‘packages’ or ‘solutions’ – our support is always tailored to you and exactly what you need. We speak plainly and we keep things simple.

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A few words about our founder

Joliver’s founder Helen Bellwood qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2000. She has worked in most areas of finance across many industries over the years before deciding to start up her own business.

Helen is warm, friendly and a ‘people person’. She approaches tasks with energy and positivity, and believes every good solution starts with a cup of tea and a chat.

Helen’s clients laud her ability to make finance ‘human’. Whether that’s making finance understandable for non-accountants, or showing business owners and senior leadership teams how good financial support leads to faster growth.

After a 20+ year career, Helen dreamed about running a friendly ‘in your pocket’ accountancy service, that would offer truly flexible working, home working and part-time working to her employees – all things that are hard to find in the corporate world.

By doing this she has been able to tap into a pool of brilliant and experienced financial consultants who value that flexibility and love the challenge of supporting a wide variety of clients.

Your business is your baby. Would you trust your baby to someone who would simply feed them and change them per your instructions? Or would you prefer to leave them with someone who knows what they are doing, who takes an interest in them, helps them to develop and keeps them safe?

If you prefer the first option, Joliver is not for you. For many reasons…..

If you prefer the second option, read on!

In the early days of Joliver providing accounting and taxation support to business owners, a few things became apparent to us:


  • Too many small business owners with little finance experience spend hours battling with their accounts, getting stressed and leaving less time for driving their business forward. We say – leave it to the experts, and let us free you to grow.
  • Many business owners (and accounting firms!) view accounting and tax as ‘compliance’ activities – a once-a-year exercise with no real value. True there is a compliance element, but the real value in having a good accountant is having someone who can use the numbers to help you grow your business and profits. And who wouldn’t want that…
  • It’s not what you know, it’s what you don’t know that matters. For example, if you have ever looked into VAT legislation, you will know exactly what we mean!
  • Everyone is different. Some business owners are very good with the numbers, others are not. And so every business owner needs something slightly different from their accountant
  • Small businesses generally cannot afford to employ a Finance Director. However, during the business’s life cycle there will be many times that they’d benefit from having a strategic financial person on call – someone who knows and understands their business
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